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Biarritz Virtual AA Convention – June 2020 – Speaker Shares follow;

Speaker Share Recordings are live now. Security measures imposed by the threat of zoom-bombers dictate we apply many new security measures.


Fergus G. 16h00 AA / Experience, Strength and Hope

Clive B. 21h00 AA / The Addict in Lockdown


Jay C / 07h00 AA  / Step Eleven Meditation Workshop


Panel: Opening Ceremony / 09h00 AA / Bruce B / Dan F. / Clive B. / Paul O.
URL: Apologies recording is irretrievable

Daniel F  / 10h00 AA  / How I Stay Sober Today

John C. / 11h30 AA / Experience, Strength and Hope


Jim G / 14h00 AA  / The Steps We  Took

Charlie P. / 15h30 AA / Singleness Of Purpose

Katie P. / 16h30 AA / Second Surrender

Katie P. / 17h30 AA / Disciplines Ten and Eleven

Charlie P. / 18h30 AA / Step Twelve


Dick P.  / 20h30 AA / Step Eleven

Donal K.  / 21h30 AA / Experience, Strength and Hope


Paul McC.  / 18h00 AA / Living Sober


Lynn H.  / 18h00 AA / Falling Uphill


Julianne S.  / 15h30 AA / AA Legacies; Unity, Recovery, Service.

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