Speaker Recordings – Jan 2021

Biarritz Virtual AA Convention – January 2021 – Speaker Shares follow;

Speaker Share Recordings are live now. Security measures imposed by the threat of zoom-bombers dictate we apply many new security measures.


Share #1 Fred G (USA) 22/01/2021
The only thing I knew about love was about love with strings attached

Share #2 Dan F (BE) 22/01/2021
To stay sober today, I practice spiritual principles in all my affairs

Opening Ceremony Panelists 22/01/21
Opening Ceremony, moderator and panelists shares (over 300 years of sobriety)

Share #3 Colin F (UAE) 22/01/2021
Whilst in a dry drunk, my wife said I should go back to drinking I might be more fun

Share #4 Jay C (USA) 22/01/2021
As an alcoholic, I just have to sit still and pray ‘God help me’


Share #5 Sybil K (DE) 23/01/2021
A lady said to me ‘let me be a channel and not the source. All we can really do is give.

Share #6 Fergus G (IRL) 23/01/2021
I wasn’t great at getting things done when drinking. I wasn’t great at making decisions

Share #7 Lynn H (USA) 23/01/2021
When I was growing up I wanted to be an alcoholic, Dad said you can’t do both

Share #8 Jason J (USA) 23/01/2021
Alcohol helped me lower my standards to my way of life

Share #9 Earl H (USA) 23/01/2021
I had nothing, it got dark, like it does for us, I could not escape alcoholism

Share #10 Terry A (USA) 23/01/2021
I had a few grams in my cigarette package, I told the cop I’d forgotten about them

Share #11 Barefoot Bill (USA) 23/01/2021
Resentment in 4 parts, I judge, find U guilty, get frustrated, and it becomes resentment


Share #12 Karen M (BE) 24/01/2021
The shambles of the drinking life got me pregnant, married, and reinstalled in the USA

Share #13 Closing Ceremony Panellists 24/01/2021
Closing Ceremony, moderator and panelists shares (many years of sobriety)

Share #14 Leo H (BTB UK) 24/01/2021
I used to take speed just to stay out of blackouts


Share #15 Ruth S-D (USA) 26/01/2021
I was told sin was a mortal negative thing, I rebelled, and consumed all the more

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