This page incorporates speaker shares from the Biarritz AA Zoom Group meetings from 13 August 2020 onwards

Share #1 Mary B (Alaska) 13/08/2020
I loved to drink and I first read the Big Book cover to cover with a hangover in 1979

Share #2 Lynn H (Florida) 15/08/20
Whilst drinking I developed the habit of ‘falling uphill’

Share #3 Dan F (Belgium) 20/08/20
I’d like to hear, how do you stay sober today

Share #4 Ilir T. (Delaware/USA) 22/08/20
When I got here, I had no idea I had no idea

Share #5 Carrol (Kiki) R. (South Carolina/USA) 27/08/20
My last drink and drunk destroyed many relationships.

Share #6 Ben S (Wales) R. 29/08/20
Alcohol stays in  the glass by itself, it is me who puts it into me

Share #7 Fergus G (Ireland) R. 03/09/20
Alcohol stays in  the glass by itself, it is me who puts it into me

Share #8 Ruth S-G (MICH/USA) R. 05/09/20

Share #9 Julianne S (USA/ESP) R. 10/09/20
When I came in I was all about me. AA has changed that for me.

Share #10 TOM G (WASHINGTON DC) R. 12/09/20

Share #11 Scott J. R. 17/09/20
Recovery has advanced slowly, however, the slogan ‘Time Takes Time’ applies

Share #12 Donal K (Irl) R. 24/09/20
Recovery started for me 38 years ago with the ‘Serenity Prayer’

Share #13 Andrew B (SG) R. 26/09/20

Share #14 John C (USA/IRL) R. 01/10/20
 My professional career fell into place successfully while I was drinking

Share #15 Paul O (IRL) R. 08/10/20
I was born alcoholic, I understood the first step on Page 30 when I read it

Share #16 Fin. B (IRL) R. 10/10/20
How it Works & willing to go to any lengths to get it, works for me.

Share #17 Joe K. (USA) R. 15/10/20
My first arrest was in Chicago at age 19, I was court ordered to a psychiatrist. I went drinking overseas.

Speaker # 18 Darlene G. (USA) R. 17/10/20
I saw a poll the other day and found out I am average, in recovery I like being average

Speaker # 19 Mike C. (EU/FRA) R. 22/10/20
It is important to actually do things, not think them, or intend them

Speaker # 20 Marcel C. (USA) R. 24/10/20
I’m a carpenter, I know the value of a good foundation

Speakers share recordings: June 2020 convention.

Speakers share recordings: January 2021 convention.

Spanish Speaking AA Meetings in Euskadi /Basque Country (Spain)

Spanish Speaking AA Meetings in Euskadi

San Sebastian
Donostia — Lunes y Jueves 19h00 — J.M. Salaberria 2 Parroquia Sagrada Familia
Donostia — Domingos 18h00 — San Vicente 3 3º A
Donostia — Martes/Viernes 20h00 — Edificio Txara 1
Donostia — Sabados 18h00 — Edificio Txara 1
Donostia — Jueves 19h30 — Paseo Larratxo 24 Trasera Local Parroquoial
Donostia — Martes y Jueves 20h00 — San Bartolome 30 1º A
Donostia — Lunes/Viernes — Ibaeta Avda, Tolosa 120 Parroquia Espritu Santo
Donostia — Miercoles/Viernes – Ibaeta Avda, Tolosa 120 Parroquia Espritu Santo
Donostia — Miercoles/Viernes 19h30 — Balleneros 20 Bajo (Local Parroquial)

Irun — Lunes y Martes, 19:30 h. — Apartado 172, Plaza Juncal,28 – Local parroquial
Irun — Jueves y Sábado, 19:30 h — Apartado 202, C/. Balleneros,9 bajo
Oiartzun — Lunes, 20:00 h. — Apartado 66, Frontón Madalensoro, 2ª planta
Zarautz — Lunes y Jueves, 20:00 h. — Apartado 177, Langako Emparantza,16 – Bajo
Zumaia — Martes, 20:00 h. — Apartado 62, Axular Ibiltokia,s/n
Zumaia — Sábado, 19:00 h. — Apartado 62, Axular Ibiltokia,s/n

More info, contacts, and details:
Spanish Speaking Meetings all Spain available here
English Speaking Meetings all Spain available here


Spread friendliness. Greet people with a smile
Be patient with others, but mostly be patient with yourself
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be
If you are not happy today, then what day are you waiting on?
My disease wants me dead. But, it will settle for low-grade misery.
Action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action
The future comes one day at a time, Choice, not chance, determines destiny
Willingness is doing what I have to, whether I want to or not
Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded. Faith is the only known cure for fear.
The “Fellowship” is NOT the “Program” The Steps are the “Program”
No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care
If you feel the need to get even, try getting even with those that have helped you

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