AA Biarritz French

French Speaking AA Meetings in Nouvelle Aquitaine, Southwest France

French Speaking AA Meetings, Pyrénées Atlantiques (Dept 64)
Anglet — mercredi à 19h30 — Maison pour tous-6 rue Albert-Le-Barillier
Bayonne — jeudi — jeudi à 12h00 — Maison de la vie citoyenne
Biarritz — vendredi à 19h00 — 5 rue Paul Lazari
Cambo les bains — lundi à 19h00 — allée des Maronniers
Jurançon — vendredi à 19h30 — Maison des Associations-28 Av Jolio Curie
Orthez — jeudi à 20h30 — 11 rue Saint Gilles
Pau mardi — mardi à 20h30 — Centre social de la pépinière
Pau samedi — samedi à 16h30 — Centre social de la pépinière

French Speaking AA Meetings Les Landes (Dept 40)
Dax — mercredi 19h30 — 9 rue de Borda
Mont de Marsan — samedi 17h30 — Maison des associations – Bd Lamarque Candau
Parentis en Born — vendredi 20h30 — Place du 14 juillet – centre administratif
Tartas — lundi 19h30 — Bat administratif – 87 rue d’Orope

More info (in French); contacts, and details:
French Speaking Meetings all Aquitaine available here
French Speaking Meetings all France available here


Spread friendliness. Greet people with a smile
Be patient with others, but mostly be patient with yourself
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be
If you are not happy today, then what day are you waiting on?
My disease wants me dead. But, it will settle for low-grade misery.
Action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action
The future comes one day at a time, Choice, not chance, determines destiny
Willingness is doing what I have to, whether I want to or not
Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded. Faith is the only known cure for fear.
The “Fellowship” is NOT the “Program” The Steps are the “Program”
No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care
If you feel the need to get even, try getting even with those that have helped you