This page incorporates speaker shares from the Biarritz AA Zoom Group meetings from 13 August 2020 onwards

Share #1 Mary B (Alaska) 13/08/2020
I loved to drink and I first read the Big Book cover to cover with a hangover in 1979

Share #2 Lynn H (Florida) 15/08/20
Whilst drinking I developed the habit of ‘falling uphill’

Share #3 Dan F (BEL) 20/08/20
I’d like to hear, how do you stay sober today

Share #4 Ilir T. (Delaware/USA) 22/08/20
When I got here, I had no idea I had no idea

Share #5 Carrol (Kiki) R. (South Carolina/USA) 27/08/20
My last drink and drunk destroyed many relationships.

Share #6 Ben S (Wales) R. 29/08/20
Alcohol stays in  the glass by itself, it is me who puts it into me

Share #7 Fergus G (Ireland) R. 03/09/20
Alcohol stays in the glass by itself, it is me who puts it into me

Share #8 Ruth S-G (MICH/USA) R. 05/09/20

Share #9 Julianne S (USA/ESP) R. 10/09/20
When I came in I was all about me. AA has changed that for me.

Share #10 TOM G (WASHINGTON DC) R. 12/09/20

Share #11 Scott J. (USA) R. 17/09/20
Recovery has advanced slowly, however, the slogan ‘Time Takes Time’ applies

Share #12 Donal K (Irl) R. 24/09/20
Recovery started for me 38 years ago with the ‘Serenity Prayer’

Share #13 Andrew B (SG) R. 26/09/20

Share #14 John C (USA/IRL) R. 01/10/20  
My professional career fell into place successfully while I was drinking

Share #15 Paul O (IRL) R. 08/10/20
I was born alcoholic, I understood the first step on Page 30 when I read it

Share #16 Fin. B (IRL) R. 10/10/20
How it Works & willing to go to any lengths to get it, works for me.

Share #17 Joe K. (USA) R. 15/10/20
My first arrest was in Chicago at age 19, I was court-ordered to a psychiatrist. I went drinking overseas.

Speaker # 18 Darlene G. (USA) R. 17/10/20
I saw a poll the other day and found out I am average, in recovery I like being average

Speaker # 19 Mike C. (EU/FRA) R. 22/10/20
It is important to actually do things, not think them, or intend them

Speaker # 20 Marcel C. (USA) R. 24/10/20
I’m a carpenter, I know the value of a good foundation

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