Speaker # 121 Kate G (USA) R. 04/12/21
I drank and worked most days, Service interested me, to learn how AA works

Speaker # 122 Amy B (USA) Rec. 27/11/21
I was shattered when I came into AA I am unable to remember things

Speaker # 123 Eleanor W (UK) R. 11/12/21
Sometimes quickly. sometimes slowly. I have gone to AA meetings all over the world, I have now to accept reality.

Speaker # 124 Karl K (USA) Rec. 16/12/21
I learned here that repetition of the serenity prayer is what makes AA works

Speaker # 125 JULES D (USA) Rec. 18/12/21
I learned here that thanks to HP and this program I only have one day  – today

Speaker # 126 Karen C (USA) Rec. 25/12/21
The snow is gone but I am not. My first drink was whiskey & coke, whiskey became my favorite drink

Speaker # 127 Jacque W (USA30/12/21)
I grew up in a family and hated alcohol – I learned to hate like I learned to love in AA


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