Speaker # 101 Jay D (IRL 02/09/21)
I found out in AA, calling 999 in an emergency, does not work for spiritual growth

Speaker # 102 Patrick H (USA 11/09/21) 37
years in recovery and the promises have come true for me

Speaker # 103 Kevin M (USA 16/09/21)
In recovery, and I understand alcoholism is primary, permanent, and progressive

Speaker # 104 Denis Mc (IRL 18/09/21)
In AA, I learned I had been living the lie, In recovery I learn honesty and truth

Speaker # 105 John O’L (IRL 23/09/21)
I entered clergy studies when drinking, I entered spiritual sobriety studies in AA.

Speaker # 106 Iryna  S (UK 25/09/21)
I went to SE Asia to party, I came to AA to recover.

Speaker # 107 Mark C (USA 30/09/21)
I liked sports church and chess. I wasn’t a leader, I was a follower. I used to want to drink, & party till I die.

Speaker # 108 Hank R (USA 07/10/21)
I’ve been sober for quite a while now and was slightly nervous when asked to share at this meeting with so many years of recovery present.

Speaker # 109 Breda L (IRL) R. 14/10/21
After running a pub all those years, coming up to Christmas, I am confused now, not having to buy all that booze.

Speaker # 110 Diane C (WLS) R. 21/10/21
Celebrating 33 years sober and my friends in the fellowship is a great thing to think about.

Speaker # 111 Ron B (USA) R. 23/10/21
AA recovery enabled me to embrace my shame. Today I don’t have to do anything, I get to do everything


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