Speaker # 81 Joan S (USA19/06/21)
I thank Zoom and all of you for me to meet friends from all over the world. Zoom may be the new paper and ink for A.A. in carrying the message

Speaker # 82 Kathleen B (USA 24/06/21)
I was the middle child of seven, since joining AA connection has been important for me, connection tooyers and HP

Speaker # 83 Michael O’R. (BE 03/07/21)
I had a wonderful lady therapist, I became ready and willing to do anything necessary.

Speaker # 84 Jacqui (USA 08/07/21)
I done all the things I’ve been told to do, and never wanted to do.

Speaker # 85 Debby R (USA 10/07/21)
I was yearning for a spiritual community before I came to AA and I found one here.

Speaker # 86 Jim S (USA 15/07/21)
Over time the consequences of my drinking became embarassing, and I never considered alcohol was the problem

Speaker # 87 James Scott F. (USA 17/07/21)
In AA I learned the purpose of the steps Is to have a spiritual awakening

Speaker # 88 Tom G. (USA 22/07/21)
I graduated FROM High School and puking (I was unscarred by education) when I left school – I was not anti-alcohol I was not yet crazy

Speaker # 89 Ken R. (USA 24/07/21)
My introduction to the big book was my sponsor telling me to read pages 86, 87, & 88. I did it every morning, UPON AWAKENING

Speaker # 90 Sandra S. (USA 29/07/21)
I was in AA 5 years before introduced myself as a grateful alcoholic, that was after I tried to off myself in the gas oven

Speaker #91 Andy S (IRL).  31/07/20

Speaker #92 Ruth D (USA).  05/08/20

Speaker # 93 Erik A. (IRL 07/08/21)
I start my day with reading page 86 of the Big Book ‘Upon awakening’…….. (directions for living a day)

Speaker # 94 Andrew B. (SING 12/08/21)
When I joined AA I got involved in conceptual reconstruction…….. (directions for living a day)

Speaker # 95 Dick P. (USA 14/08/21)
Since I joined AA I got involved applying the principles to my life…….. (ever since I have had a gorgeous life)

Speaker # 96 Peter H (IRL 19/08/21)
Growing up in west Dublin I never heard of AA, I used to drink in Phoenix Park, and didn’t know there was a disease called alcoholism

Speaker # 97 Mags D (N. IRL 21/08/21)
Right from my first meeting, I understood the importance of the ‘fellowship of the spirit’. It was to save me

Speaker # 98 Matt  W. (USA IRL 26/08/21)
I suffered Pain and emptiness at first, I looked good on the outside, but terrible on the Inside, but I didn’t know

Speaker # 99 John  Mc-M (Irl 28/08/21)
I knew it all, I had no conscious contact (I was unconscious).

Speaker # 100 Ramona P (USA 02/09/21)
I call a violin a fiddle. That way the music makes numerical sense to me.

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