Speaker # 61 Marcel C (USA 10/04/21)
Since joining AA, I learned Adam and Eve spoke Basque in the Garden of Eden

Speaker # 62 Fergus G (IRL 15/04/21)
I tend to take myself too seriously, things happen, and I am just part of the universe.

Speaker # 63 Eoin C (USA 17/04/21)
When in my disease I did and can Judge others.  I Experienced feelings of guilt.

Speaker # 64 Jay C (USA 22/04/21)
God is in me, I need to breathe God in and me out. I need the Centering Prayer

Speaker # 65 Colin F (UAE 24/04/21)
No-one makes me drink, I sat down for a drink with a chicken and a baboon smoking a cigarette

Speaker # 66 Roy M (IRL 29/04/21)
I’m not an expert on Alcoholism, im not an expert on Alcoholics Anonymous I’m an ex-drinker

Speaker # 67 Van G (USA 01/05/21)
Alcohol was my social lubricant since starting drinking  My first wife liked to drink too

Speaker # 68 Mary B (USA 06/05/21)
I’m just a drunk that got sober, 42 years later, I’m amazed and grateful I got here wrinkled and grey.

Speaker # 69 Jimmy A (USA 08/05/21)
I do service at conference level, AA gives me all I need to stay sober and sunlight of the spirit.

Speaker # 70 Joe K (USA 13/05/21)
I am an alcoholic, I’ve done the research, I qualify for my seat here

Speaker # 71 Paul Mc (IRL 15/05/21)
Being president of the Republic of Paul, my psychiatrist said if I didn’t drink nobody would know how crazy I am.

Speaker # 72 Amy B (USA 20/05/21)
I had no rudder, I had no self-esteem, AA Gave me direction with a ‘Design for living’/”A vision for you”

Speaker # 73 Lyle P (USA 22/05/21)
I am an alcoholic who never drank without getting drunk, as a airline pilot  used to fly drunk

Speaker # 74 Victoria C (USA 27/05/21)
Being an alcoholic may be one of the best things that ever happened to me, often the worst things that happen to us turn out to be the most wonderful

Speaker # 75 April D. B. (EG 29/05/21)
I came to AA in 1989 and can hardly believe that it the truth. I’ve learned that I, not AA, have to do the work, to stay sober

Speaker # 76 Anee de L. (USA03/06/21)
Alcohol kicked the crap out of me, by 14 I needed a drink, our family owned a brewery in upstate NY. I’m more alcoholic now than when I came into AA over 40 years ago, which shows me it is a progressive disease

Speaker # 77 Karen C. (USA10/07/21)
I entered the 12 Step program 45 years ago, I have learned to detach nothing happens by coincidence but by a greater plan

Speaker # 78 Dick P. (USA12/07/21)
After I entered AA, Father Martin told me alcoholism was a soul sickness, I try to share on my experience strength and hope

Speaker # 79 Tim B. (USA17/07/21)
After I entered AA, I developed cervical dystonia, if my head nods I’m not agreeing with you

Speaker # 80 Rosalind W. (IRL19/07/21)
I entered AA, in LA 30 years ago, Since then I have a spiritual, happy, and joyous life.

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