Speaker # 41 April D (EG) R. 21/01/21
I’ll am better off in AA even if it’s not going to be  a permanent thing

Speaker # 42 Karen C (USA) R. 28/01/21
For all of us, we are only ready when we’re ready, in my case I am grateful

Speaker # 43 Pat H (USA) R. 30/01/21
After a few years in AA I was dangling out of windows in the Bronx

Speaker # 44 Tessa G (DE) R. 04/02/21
After many years in AA I am starting my program of recovery all over again

Speaker # 45 Steve T (USA) R. 11/02/21
I asked ‘where we going?’ He says the State Mental Institution for the criminally insane.

Speaker # 46 Terry A (USA) R. 13/02/21
I faked a heart attack to avoid court and my name to avoid paying – that was insanity.

Speaker # 47 Scott J (USA) R. 18/02/21
I travel without drinking,  I research where AA meetings are instead of bars and clubs.

Speaker # 48 Tom M (AUS) R. 20/02/21
In recovery I have achieved the success I dreamed of as a 15 year old, the success has caused me much discomfort.

Speaker # 49 Dick P (USA) R. 25/02/21
I qualified for this program with those who have grave emotional and mental disorders.

Speaker # 50 Richard K (USA) R. 27/02/21
Coming from a non-alcoholic home, my alcoholism must have been an immaculate conception.

Speaker # 51 FredG. (USA) R. 06/03/21
When drinking, I’m going out every night, and waking up in strange beds.

Speaker # 52 Jim T. (SCT) R. 11/03/21
Alcohol was but a symptom of my disease, I figured it was solution  to every problem.

Speaker # 53 Finn B. (IRL.) 13/03/21
I loved to drink and the effect it had on me, I was living in an untreated state

Speaker # 54 Debbie R (USA) 18/03/21
I saw drinking alcohol used to relieve anxiety and saw that it then created anxiety

Speaker # 55 Goerge K (USA) 20/03/21
The AA preamble is a fellowship of men and women sharing their experience, strength & hope

Speaker # 56 Donal K (IRL) 25/03/21
By coming to AA meetings, sharing and caring, I changed, and I love it

Speaker # 57 Lee McG (USA 27/03/21)
Drinking caused me a terrible life, now I am 9 and my life has changed

Speaker # 58 Tom G (USA 01/04/21)
Joining the Hippies was like joining AA they accepted me and were doing what I was doing

Speaker # 59 Amy B (USA 03/04/21)
In coming to AA, I got a job and promotion, not a career

Speaker # 60 Mike C (FRA 08/03/21)
Since joining AA, I know how I stayed sober, but I don’t know why I stayed sober


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