Speaker # 21 Colin F. (UAE) R. 29/10/20
I’ve survived attacks, a landmine explosion, war, and invasion, all without drinking.

Speaker # 22 America K. (USA) R. 31/10/20
I never seemed to have an off-switch I was either running out or passing out.

Speaker # 23 Suellen G. (USA) R. 05/11/20
I was sober a long time before I got and understood spirituality. How did you get it?

Speaker # 24 Helen W. (FRA) R. 07/11/20
I was attracted by a guy who had everything I wanted, he gave me a 12 x 12

Speaker # 25 Andy S. (IRL) R. 12/11/20
Psychologists did their best, I wasn’t ready, I felt like trying to relieve me of myself

Speaker # 26 Dick P. (USA) R. 14/11/20
The miracle of progress in AA is; you don’t have to like it, you just have to do it

Speaker # 27 Diane Mc C. (USA) R. 19/11/20
I entered depression and hospital. Since then recovery has relieved me of depression.

Speaker # 28 Malcolm K. (IRL) R. 21/11/20
I didn’t stop drinking, I just adjusted myself to what was.

Speaker # 29 Tessa G. (GER) R. 26/11/20

Speaker # 30 Joel S-M. (USA) R. 28/11/20
I have ‘a daily reprieve’ contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition

Speaker # 31 Sean T. (USA) R. 03/12/20
Online zoom AA helped me re-enter the Program and Fellowship via service

Speaker # 32 Brianda D. (FRA) R. 05/12/20
At first I thought sex was the problem, then marriage, finally alcohol was the problem

Speaker # 33 Jason J. (USA) R. 10/12/20
My parents divorced when I was very young, I met my father at my first AA meeting

Speaker # 34 Paul O (IRL) R. 12/12/20
Coming up to Christmas, I am confused now, not having to buy all that booze

Speaker # 35 Tom G (USA) R. 17/12/20
I went to California looking for beatniks, I found drugs alcohol and a bottom

Speaker # 36 Daniel F (BE) R. 31/12/20
We’re not religious we are spiritual. Don’t drink find out how wonderful you are.

Speaker # 37 Ruth S-D (USA) R. 02/01/21
I experienced memory loss, anxiety, pain,  and drinking before I came to AA

Speaker # 38 Matt W (USA) R. 07/01/21
Before I found alcohol, I was good, I can never remember having just one drink

Speaker # 39 Robert T-W (WLS) R. 09/01/21
It took me 5 years to get sober. Now I am launching the 12 Step program in Morocco

Speaker # 40 Mick K (IRL) R. 14/01/21
I suffered anxiety and low self-esteem. In AA I learned about love and life in sobriety

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